Napa Day

The next day we rose early and headed back to the bakery, of course.  The best time to hit the Bouchon bakery is before 9:00 when normal people are finally up and about.  We walked around and waved at Chef J who beckoned us inside.  She was working on a wedding cake for a friend but stopped to say hi.  We ordered up a haul of treats including the above pictured toffee donut which was pretty darn awesome.

After that we wandered up the The French Laundry garden and saw my friend.  We talked about growing tomatoes and about how they were doing it (quite a bit different than my way of course!) but we learned a lot and also about how they irrigated so I will be detailing some more changes in the garden soon!

Then we were off up the valley to see the Old Faithful geyser of Napa.  It turns out that it is pretty cool and there are goats and sheep (kid magnets) as well so the family had a good time.  Before long we were headed back for our lunch date at Bouchon.  I’m embarrassed to say the photos of that meal did not turn out that well but it was delicious and we were treated quite well despite the place being slammed and the staff preparing for multiple events.  Annabelle and I snuck in back to say thanks to Chef S after all.  So nice to step into the kitchen!

The rest of the day was consumed with swimming and bocce and a late run to Napa for pizza for calling it a day.


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