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Quivira Sauvignon Blanc

I like white wine.  There I said it.  I know there are those who will look askance at me… the “cult cab connoisseur”… the “bordeaux buff”… but I say they are missing out.  White wine can be just as complex and enjoyable as red.  Tonight’s wine is Quivira’s Sauvignon Blanc.  I picked this up on our drive through Sonoma last weekend and have to say, I am happy I did.

When I first opened the bottled there was a lot of lemongrass, grass, chalk, and minerals on the nose.  With a little bit of time this started to give way to cantaloupe.

This wine is racy on the palate.  It starts with a burst of lemon which yields to acidity, then minerals, before finally leaving a taste of grapefruit lingering for quite while.  It is light but will pair with all sorts of foods especially, I’m hoping, Ad Hoc sauteed Chicken Breast with tarragon, butter sauce.  More on that later.



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Sunday was Mother’s Day.  After a last run to the Bouchon Bakery we packed up and headed for the Petrified forest.  Connor was a bit disappointed but I have to say it was pretty darn cool to see trees that had turned to stone.  After a long pause in the gift shop we headed down the west side and into Sonoma to hit a few wineries “on the way home.”

After some negotiations with the “family” (wife), who clearly understood how painful it was to be in Napa and not visit a winery, we opted for the extended day and point the car toward Quivira just North of Healdsburg.  We had seen the pigs and solar panels on the last trip but hadn’t had time to stop.  It had been some time since I had tried Quivira so I didn’t know what I was in for but I figured it was “family friendly” so I would take it as it came.  It is only now, a few days later, that I realized I should have kept notes of my tastings that day.  If only to legitimize my stacks of wine boxes in the dining room but maybe even to help figure out how I too can get people to send me wine to try!  Next time.  I promise to review the wines I purchased as I open them but the short of it is the Quivira wines impressed me (especially the Rosé) and I would recommend a visit or a purchase.

Next up was pickup at Williams-Selyem whose mailing list I’ve been on for a few years.  Again, didn’t take notes but the cement fermented Pinot Gris was good enough that I got a few bottles.  The stainless Chardonnay was also quite good but its price point was a touch too steep.  I will admit the Vin Gris was a bit disappointing given the Quivira Rose.  Next was the Sonoma County Pinot Noir (excellent!), Russian River (a bit closed), Westside Neighbors (not ready but still delicious), and the Bacigalupi was the picture of a hedonistic Zin that could be the anchor for a terribly fun evening!

We headed down the Westside Road and I asked about stopping at one last winery which I had wondered about for quite some time, Porter Creek.  I had first heard of Porter Creek when we stayed at The Farmhouse Inn and was intrigued.  Because there was in fact a creek I was able to cajole the family to one last stop.  The staff there was a lot of fun and the wines are quite good.  I have to say that the Pinots are very floral on the nose which is not my favorite but they are very well made.  I did enjoy the Syrah and Zin quite a bit though and will review them soon.  Annabelle and I ran up the hill and some fellow tasters snapped this photo.


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