Returning to the scene of the crime

Sorry for the lapse in writing.  Life has been busy most recently because of a weekend trip.  Every since my Yountville experience I’d been hoping to get back, especially since the kids were asking to do it.  I guess part of me wanted to return in hopes of finding a way to not be forgotten in the kitchens there but another part wanted to see if I could spot that genie in the bottle again.

I had let some of the chefs I emailed know I was heading up including Chef J, Chef S, and Chef M.  We hit more traffic than I would have though possible heading up early Friday night getting there just in time for a 5:00 dinner at Ad Hoc.  Somehow Open Table said  they were fully booked though they were half empty the entire time we were there.

We literally rolled out of the car and into the restaurant which I was a bit worried about with the kids in tow but they did marvelously.  The kids were very excited to be there and it seemed like the staff could tell and was pleased.  It took a bit more than usual to negotiate the menu but we soon settled back to the four course menu with Em and the kids getting the salmon in place of the main roasted pork offering.

The cheese course is always fun.  They paired it with shaved asparagus (which I’ve done many times!) and lemon confit.  They asked Annabelle if she liked the cheese and she said it was “a bit sour” so they brought out a second plate with a different cheese for her.

Dessert was banana cupcakes with a caramel filling and a coconut frosting.  Pretty darn tasty.  The highlight of the evening however, was hitting the bakery after dinner.  Chef M was in and waved us in through the window.  We chatted for a while and got to see the batch of 300 baguette dough coming out of the mixer and taste his English Muffin efforts (yum!).  We then headed to our hotel and after a little bocce the kids hit the hot tub and pool.

french laundry fold

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  1. Emily

    Thanks for the wonderful trip sweetie!

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