Marital Aid

Wie Geht’s! I’m actually in Deutschland on business for the week but before I left a new acquisition moved into the garage. “Marital Aids” come in all shapes and sizes. We had a small 50 bottle wine fridge but there was just not enough room to store all the wine that had found its way to our house. Finally the cardboard boxes of wine that sat in the dining room became a source of marital irritation. My wife insisted that we needed a bigger storage facility. Who was I to argue? So after several weeks of hard work cleaning the garage we are now the proud owners of a new wine cellar that will allow me to park a good deal more wine that needs some maturing. Only “problem” is I realized there are a lot of bottles that need to be consumed soon…



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8 responses to “Marital Aid

  1. Terri

    I can help you with that problem.

  2. Great wine fridge. Mine is very mini compared to that beast. It’s going to be a tricky decision as to how to deal with all that wine that needs drinking. Einen schonen Tag noch:)

  3. Thats some wine cooler! Uh but its almost full . . . .

    • Looks like it though each spot is two bottles deep so it is actually less than half full. Need to get to work ;)!

      • Indeed! In that case I need to give you a recommendation! I recently came across a white pinot noir -yes, thats correct. A number of wineries in Willamette Valley are gently pressing pinot noir grapes, discarding the skins and aging in oak barrels. The end result is a white pinot noir with the depth of a red pinot noir.

        I recently acquired and am allowing to rest 2 different bottles: Erath’s Le Jour Magique 2010, and Anne Amie’s Prisme 2009. Blanc Pinot Noir isn’t in distribution so you can only get direct form the wineries.

      • Thanks for the tip! Erath is a familiar name but I can’t say that I’ve had it. I will have to look into these especially since Erath looks to also make Pinot Gris and Blanc.

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