Summer Lovin

For me, nothing is much better than perfectly ripe tomatoes sliced and prepared simply. All the better if those tomatoes come from your backyard and the weather is perfect for a dinner on the patio. Last year was not a great tomato year where we live so I got a little over eager and planted 19 tomato plants (yes, I’m crazy).  Part are for sauce making but many are heirloom varieties slated for the plate. At this point we are having trouble keeping up with the harvest so the sauce making will commence but tonight was time to enjoy some of my favorites including Pineapple, Pink Caspian, Cherokee Purple, and Stupice.  I just sprinkle on some salt, olive oil, and basil. I do prefer to salt a few minutes (at least ten) in advance since I think it works a bit better. If I am wanting to gild the lily, as I was tonight, a few slices of fresh mozzarella that I dry and salt separately. Here’s hoping your tomato season is going as well as ours!





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9 responses to “Summer Lovin

  1. I’m very envious. Our tomatoes in the Vendee are very late owing to the wet weather earlier in the year. That plate of tomatoes and mozzarella looks perfect.

  2. Send some our way! Mine have had a setback with a tomato-loving woodchuck eating more than I think we are going to get this season.

  3. Love the simple preparation. It looks so fresh and colorful. I do love summer!

  4. We have a lousy tomato season this year 😦 . Yours look fantastic? I agree with you in salting tomatoes ahead of time since salt brings the juices
    out from ripped tomatoes and I loved this technique specially when making bruschetta.

  5. It’s nice to no someone that planted more than me (15). Your tomatoes look terrific.

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