A Whole Lot Of Nothing

My wonderful wife is out camping with the kids and some friends.  Knowing that the campground isn’t my scene she graciously let me stay back to mind the dog and relax. Of course that meant I had a chance to head up to the San Franisco Farmers’ Market.

The market is in its summer glory and I almost didn’t know where to turn.  I made my rounds and then took some time to take photos for a short project I wanted to do (here is a non-food project if you are interested).  On my way out of town I stopped by my favorite bookstore Omnivore Books (only cookbooks!!). There I meet Scarpetta Dolcetto who pointed out some new favorites and mentioned her blog which I am really enjoying.  Check it out!

When fruit is at its peak the cook should really just get out of the way. One of the best things I have ever eaten is a Frog Hollow Peach at its zenith. This is nothing like the hard, bland peaches one often runs across. This is an experience who’s flavors are as intense and balanced as a fine Sauternes. So good you don’t even mind the thick juice that runs down your chin, sigh. I added some Candy Cot apricots which I had been pining over for six months over. I had read about them in Lucky Peach and had been counting down the days until their narrow window of ripeness.  In short they are fantastic and taste a good deal like eating honey perfectly balanced with refreshing crispness. Add some Ascutney Mountain from Cowgirl Creamery and stand back.  Do nothing else.  Summer bliss.


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4 responses to “A Whole Lot Of Nothing

  1. Very good looking peaches and mouthwatering desciption.

  2. Have you ever had Japanese peaches? They’re white or pink. The white (inside and outside) peaches from Okayama are amazing.

  3. Oh how I long for one of the peaches you described.

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