The New Year seems like a good time to update a few things on the blog.  I rolled out a new header photo yesterday and today I wanted to update the About page.  Since my About page seems to get a decent amount of traffic I thought I would add some more info to it.  The biggest new section will be one about cookbooks. For regular readers here it is…


I am a cookbook junky.  I simply love getting new ones and often read them cover to cover like normal people read novels.  I think it is because I always like to try new things and new cookbooks offer fresh inspirations.  I realized that if you are half as crazy as cookbooks as I am that I you may be interested in finding out which ones other people like so here are some lists…


Recently added to the nightstand

Christmas and the discovery of a cookbook store have the list very heavy right now but these are the books I am currently chewing on.

Heston Blumenthal at home

I am really liking this book.  I have used his crazy dry ice technique to make ice cream and made the pumpkin soup for Christmas dinner.  There is a lot of great cooking technique info for the advanced cook.


Bi-Rite Eat Good Food

This is from the famous grocery store in San Francisco.  I haven’t had much of a chance to sink my teeth into it yet.


The Kitchen Diaries

This is a book by Nigel Slater and is essentially a diary of a years’ worth of his cooking.  Looks very interesting.  I may use this as inspiration throughout the year instead of my normal read through.



Another Slater book.  I haven’t looked at this much yet but I am liking his approach to food so I am eager to read it.


Merchant Of Sonoma : Chuck Williams

I also love books about food and wine not just cookbooks.  My wife thought I would like this one about Williams Sonoma founder.


The Soul Of A New Cuisine

A gift from my brother this is by Marcus Samuelsson is has always struck me as a fascinating with his African / Swedish roots.


Eleven Madison Park

White truffle ice cream!  An impressive book similar in stature to the French Laundry book but filled with a lot of interesting recipes for sauces, pickles, pastes, gels, and ice cream to add to your own creations.



Very interesting book that I have almost finished.  Milk is part of David Chang’s Momofuku empire.  I have already enjoyed Confetti Cookies and Crack Pie and will be cooking a lot more from this one.  Worth it for the intro by Christina Tosi alone.

Around My French Table

I like this book and need to finish reading it.  I’ve nabbed a few things from it like marinated olives and maeleines.  I need to get back to this one!


A very cute bakery in San Francisco.  Can’t wait to get to this one.


aka the dirtiest cookbooks in the kitchen

Sunday Suppers With Lucques

Lucques is a restaurant in LA.  I have never been disappointed by a recipe from this book.  All of the recipes are very easy to follow and deliver excellent results.  So good I’ve developed a crush on Suzanne Goin.

Ad Hoc at Home

Ad Hoc is Thomas Keller’s “temporary” restaurant in Yountville.  I’ve had the privilege of briefly meeting Dave Cruz the Chef de Cuisine when I was cooking in Yountville.  They do four course fixed menu every night and I think of it as home cooking done to perfection.  The book is very accessible and full of a lot of staples, tips, and of course the famous TK polish.


Fantastic reference for French Bistro food.  Worth it for the onion soup recipe alone but full of a lot of great stuff.  Don’t forget the gnocchi!

Zuni Cafe Cookbook

Zuni’s is a monumental restaurant in San Francisco.  The food is heavily Italian inspired.  There are a lot of fantastic tips and recipes.  I have cooked the gougeres many times and if I have a go to meal it is the roast chicken with bread salad recipe from this book.



Great book on how cooking works with the recipe for flaky, butter pie crust that I can’t live without.

Bread Bakers Apprentice

Great bread book.  This is the source of my baguette recipe as well as my pizza dough.

The Web

I use the web a lot when I start thinking of something to make.  I will rarely follow recipes I find there to the letter but it is a great starting place to get you into the right ballpark.  What did we do before this?



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14 responses to “Cookbooks

  1. I love the new header picture and I’m not familiar with most of these books so I can’t wait to see more recipes. Have a great new year.

  2. You should check out Stephane Raynaud. I love his book Ripailles, and Roasts is good too.

  3. I love your nightstand list! I was just thinking the other day that I needed something new to read. I should probably start with a visit to my pantry. 🙂

  4. I bought a few the other day and have perused through. None will be represented Friday night. We will be trying out a few Jamie Oliver recipes using you and your lovely wife as guinea pigs.

  5. Love your new header pic.
    You certainly have an arsenal of books – I am looking forward to your creations from their pages.
    Have a super year Joshua.
    🙂 Mandy

  6. Curious to find out what you think of the Marcus Samuelsson book.

  7. Amazing list. I am a cookbook junkie as well, but I haven’t bought any new lately. So I can’t wait to check out some of these perspective books that might end up on my bookshelf 🙂

  8. I love your new header. A whole field in bloom while traveling in France is part of my header as well. I’m looking forward to the recipes you will be creating from your new books.

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