A few months ago I came across a blog posting from a blog called Foodie-bia.  Unlike most people that read my blog, Kathy is pretty darn close by though we have never actually met.  She mentioned a bookstore called Omnivore in her post.  Embarrassingly enough I did not know that there was a bookstore in San Francisco that only sold cookbooks!!  I resolved to go and the week of Thanksgiving I finally had my chance.  It is not a large bookstore but it is stuffed with cookbooks that are carefully chosen and I would like to build a new room on the house so I can own them all.  To be honest it is a bit overwhelming to be in such a place.  I had to cut myself off.  Despite the fact that Christmas and my birthday are close by (more on that later) I risked buying more cookbooks than I should have (wish I had a photo of my wife’s face!).  One of the books I got is Milk by Christina Tosi.  Milk is part of the David Chang empire and Christina Tosi runs Milk Bar.  The cookbook is worth owning for the intro alone.  Simply put, Christina has rocketed to the top of the list of people I’d love to hang out with for an evening.

Everything I’ve read from the Chang empire has a wonderful irreverence to it and this book is no exception.  Paging through it I found a recipe for Confetti Cookies that I knew would be a hit with the family so I decided they would be the first thing I tried.  I didn’t realize how involved they are to make though.  One of the ingredients in these cookies is a whole other recipe, something she calls Birthday cake crumbs.  The commitment is definitely not for everybody so proceed with caution.  As Christina would say, these are not for “soft bodies” :).

They are a variant on snicker-doodles but oh so much more and the guidance for mixing the batter is also probably worth the price of the book as well.  It is so involved that I’m not actually going to write it up, please get the book or, if you must, I found this entry.  I actually went with a cookie half the size than she calls for and baked them for close to 15 minutes with convection on for most of it.  They turned out stunning and are vying with the Ad Hoc chocolate chip cookie for favorite cookie of the house.  Yeah, they are that good.



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11 responses to “Wow!

  1. With a smile like that, how could you not want to make these again:) Beautiful young lady + beautiful cookies = top notch cookie

  2. I’ll have to try those cookies! You should definitely make the crack pie sometime. It is a very involved recipe, like these cookies, but definitely worth it!

  3. Excellent – I’m buying the book, then I’m making the biscuits. Nice post.

  4. I love finding places like that. The cookies look great.

  5. Oh these would easily be a top contender for favorite cookie in our house (especially since I don’t eat chocolate!). I love a good snickerdoodle, sugary cookie! And I too would have been really overwhelmed in a cookbook store. Where to even start!!!

  6. If you are saying these are complicated, they must be quite a challenge given how great a baker and chef you are. However, your daughter’s smile in the picture makes it all worth the time.

    • I definitely think they are worth it! In fact I will probably have to make them again before too long. I just wanted to provide a word of caution for those who are thinking about making an attempt.

  7. I have heard that there is a book store like the one you visited in Portland, Maine. When we head back to the cottage this summer, I must check it out. That big smile says it all…great!

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