Tartine Tartines

There is an amazing bakery in San Francisco called Tartine.  If you are ever in San Francisco I would highly recommend a stop.  They have two cookbooks out at this point Tartine and Tartine Bread.  Last Christmas I got Tartine Bread and made a failed attempt to get a starter going to make their French Country bread.  I still need to make another attempt but the sad fact was I had never actually had the bread from the bakery because it comes out of the oven at 5pm and I have never gotten there at that time.  Last night I met up with my brother and some friends for dinner and landed in the city at 5:00 so there was only one place to go.  I was a bit crushed when at 5:17 the bread had already sold out.  Somehow the woman behind the counter took a little pity on me.  It could have been the tears welling up ;).  She let me buy a loaf from the second batch of the day.  I just had to get back before 8:00.  I made it back with 10 minutes to spare and took posession of my first Tartine French Country Loaf.  It is as close as we get in the bay area to a Poilåne.

Alas we were too full from a fine dinner at Range (another place worth a visit!) to even sample it so it had to wait for the next day.  I had just read an interesting blog post from David Lebovitz on Poilåne and it showed some tartines so I got it in my head to make them.  After a little research I made up a Tartine with french butter, Fontina, greens from the garden, prosciutto, and chives.

For the uninitiated a tartine is simply what we would call an open faced sandwich in the states.  Poilånd loaves are gigantic and the thin slices ar probably 12-18 inches long that they then slice across so I did my best to imitate with the size that would fit in the toaster oven.  I wish you all could have joined us.  It is hard to describe how the bread which is a sweet-sourdough perfectly complimented the Berkshire Prosciutto I found at the local market.  Wow.



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7 responses to “Tartine Tartines

  1. That looks fantastic. It reminds me of bread bought in a market in the centre of France, while on holidays. I believe they do the best bread on the planet in France.
    Beautiful photography btw,

  2. This looks delicious! I love a freshly baked loaf of bread and this one in particular looks fantastic – especially with the prosciutto. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing that at 5:17 they were sold out. It must be wonderful. I’m glad that you succeeded in getting your loaf of bread.

  4. Nothing nicer than a loaf of bread straight from the oven and how awsome that for their sake, they sell their bread so quickly – not so much for you though. Glad you finally got a loaf.
    🙂 Mandy

  5. Weeping always works. I mean ha, that’s funny! That bread looks fantastic and worth going back at 8 for.

  6. i love Tartine and have to go at least once on every trip to SF.

  7. Looks great. There is nothing better than a French tartine.

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