Following dreams

We had a small gathering for a coworker who is leaving today.  He and his family are off to spend a year in Florence.  I am trying not to be too mad at him.  He is a talented designer and a wonderful person to work with.  It is hard to see him go but what a wonderful opportunity to follow a dream.  When I think Florence I think of many things but usually find my way to thinking about food.  I finally had a chance to do another large batch of tomato sauce for canning over the weekend.  It seemed like the perfect excuse to finally make good on trying some recipes out from The Glorious Pasta of Italy that I received from Panini Girl.

Homemade pasta is one of those cooking skills that seems to smile on practice.  I have never had a true failure making pasta but it is only through experience that you learn what the dough should feel like in your hands and only through practice that you gain confidence it what you are doing.  Ms. Marchetti’s book got me to pull out the Pasta Queen and roll up my sleeves again.  The enthusiasm my family expressed means it won’t be as long until the next try.

Since I roast my tomatoes in the oven when making sauce I decided to try a recipe that called for roasted tomatoes together with garlic and fennel.  I love fennel so I was intrigued.

Adapted from The Glorious Pasta of Italy

tomatoes sliced into quarters (or more depending on the size, enough for the amount of sauce you want)
sliced garlic to taste
1 – 3 tsp freshly ground fennel to taste
olive oil to taste

While you are roasting your case of tomatoes 😉 in a slow oven 275-300F put some of the tomatoes in a roasting dish with the oil, garlic, and fennel and let it go until it looks, smells, and tastes amazing!  Cook your favorite pasta, or better yet your homemade pasta and toss it with the sauce.  Enjoy the slow roasted sweetness of the tomatoes and depth that the hard-to-place fennel brings.  Then, if you are like me, enjoy it again later in the week because the pasta freezes well (thanks Ms. Marchetti!!) and a quick meal of this quality is hard to beat!



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9 responses to “Following dreams

  1. That sounds rich and luscious!

  2. That is really wonderful. The pasta looked fantastic, and should have been a huge picture – brilliant. I’m making that sauce this weekend.

  3. Your parental unit

    Sure looks yummy!!!

  4. Wow, rough gig. I agree, getting pasta right has taken time.

  5. A year in Florence?! Oh how heavenly. Since that’s likely not in my future – the pasta will work. The only problem I have when it comes to pasta is portion control. Like you said, fortunately it freezes! It looks delicious!

  6. Your pasta looks amazing! This is one of the recipes that I also tried.

  7. well done on making pasta! it always seemed to much work to me, but then on the other hand I know it is delicious. Maybe a good sunday afternoon project 🙂

  8. I’m sure your homemade pasta was delicious. The dish certainly is beautiful. I love fennel in Italian sausage so I will definitely try some in my sauce.

  9. I now sit here longing for a dish of this and a glass of dry Italian red! Thanks for sharing! Dave

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