The buck stops here

So… a blog I used to respect 😉 nominated me for a “chain letter.”  I’m still weighing whether to be incredibly flattered given the stature of this blogger or to burn something in effigy but I will bow to the request although (partly because so many blogs I follow have already “fallen” including Rufus, Cooking in Sens, Tales of Ambrosia and Back Road Journal to name a few) I will pass on burdening other blogs.  If you have not been to Roger’s blog I can’t recommend it enough.  Roger is a professional food photographer with a wonderful writing style that I just love.

On with the sentence…

Most beautiful post

For some reason I am having trouble with the moniker “most beautiful” but I will say that I am pleased with the photos in And the youngest one was Madeleine.

Most Popular

This is actually a tie though I am a bit floored Charles Phan I want my cookbook!  It seems that this comes up remarkably high in Google search results for a local chef I admire.

Most Controversial

Not sure I feel that I have had anything controversial yet.

Most Helpful

This seems improper for me to answer though I will say Dessert Cheating has garnered the most comments about helpful tips.

Surprising Success

I am still stunned but In praise of lentils is a runaway success and still tied for the lead!

Post that did not get enough attention

An interesting twist is the reason I started this blog, a detailing of an amazing cooking adventure, is among the least read of my pages.  In order Day One, Day One AfternoonDay Two, Day Three, Day Four.  Just another example of things not working out as expected.

Post I am most proud of

This may have to be Animated inspiration where I started taking a little more time and care with my photos.  It isn’t so much my favorite entry as much as a new chapter in my style.



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5 responses to “The buck stops here

  1. Good selection, Joshua. Your posts give me a real sense of where you live, which, as I have only been to the States twice in my life, is no mean feat. The Madeleine’s photography makes me envious, and I love the “Bouchon” story.

  2. Beautiful posts!!! It is a great way to catch up with your wonderful blog!!!

  3. I enjoyed checking out your selection of posts 🙂 thank you for taking the time to round them up

  4. How the mighty have fallen! I enjoyed the day series. That sounds amazing. I also liked the ones you picked. The madeline picture is beautiful. That was my hardest one to think about, which is why my wife picked which pictures of mine fit the bill!

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