Worlds Colliding

I’ve come to find there are some strange things about blogging. One of them is when things in the blog world intersect the real world. For some reason the blog doesn’t exactly feel like real life.  I have a few local readers (that I know about anyway) and one of them recently had us over for dinner. They are a great family whome we love hanging out with and I definitely cherish their invites since not many people have us over for food as I’ve talked about before.  Anyway, when we arrived they handed me a “Gourmet Travel Survival Kit.” She had read my Fourth of July post where I had found myself on an island missing a few key ingredients and thoughtfully constructed this kit for future emergencies.  Pretty darn cool huh?  I hope you all have good friends too!



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16 responses to “Worlds Colliding

  1. Friends bearing Old Bay and champagne are good friends indeed.

  2. That was so thoughtful.. 🙂 I know what you mean about blogs and blogging feeling “unreal”

  3. Now those are some great friends to have – so clever!

  4. Veuve Cliquot! These are real friends!

  5. I need one of those – not keen on the desert island, but I’d just like one to look at in the safety of my kitchen.

  6. Fabulous! Good friends indeed.
    🙂 Mandy

  7. That’s a great survival kit! Always nice when your real world and your virtual world meld so nicely!

  8. What a creative idea!!! Mine would also have olive oil though! I feel like you about blogging, sometimes it can get unreal!

  9. Anonymous

    Your friends are awesome. You get invited to dinner and get gifts. :). We love having you over and eating at your house. Never a dull moment!

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