In a pickle

Last year I cam very close to good “home brewed” pickles.  I let them ferment a little too long and they ended up getting a bit too soggy.  So here is take two.  I am following David Lebovitz‘s recipe pretty closely though I added some extra peppercorns and some black currant leaves.  My Russian friend told me they did this when he was young to help keep the pickles crisp.  A little net research lends some credence to this and we have them growing in the backyard so in they went!  Here’s the spread…

The recipe calls for dill that has gone to seed and I’ll be darned if I didn’t find it at the market over the weekend!  Oh yeah, and there is a Penzy’s right there and they have pickling spice.  The smell of everything together was amazing.  If they come out half as good as they smell I am going to make more pickles next weekend!  One note that I will mention from last year’s experiment is that it is important to find a way to keep the cucumbers submerged completely.  I’ll update the blog when I try them in a day or two.




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7 responses to “In a pickle

  1. Oh those look pretty! Hope they stay crisp. This makes me want to grow cucumbers next year.

  2. Black currant leaves! Oh, how I miss black currants from when we lived in Europe. They are so hard to find here.

  3. How perfect as we have pickling cukes ready to be picked from our garden. And how convenient that it needs dill that has gone to be seed, as that is all that ever happens with our dill – shoots up, bolts, and goes to seed about 2 weeks after we get it! Oh well, at least now I know it’s good for something!

  4. Have really wanted to try my hand at pickles. THanks for the inspiration!

  5. Never heard of using black current leaves before – love the idea and so nice to have other ideas for fresh dill.
    🙂 Mandy

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