Woodenhead Zin

Woodenhead is a small winery off River Road in Sonoma County.  I definitely recommend a stop if you are the neighborhood and like Zinfandel or Pinot Noir.  My disclaimer of purchasing this wine continues ;).  On the nose I get cranberry, dark chocolate, blackberry jam and a touch of cedar.  Flavors include the dark chocolate bordering on mocha with more cranberries followed by strawberry and blackberry jam.  It finished with soft tannins and notes of earth.  Quite a wine with a good bit of complexity though also a hefty 15.8% alcohol content (though I don’t taste it) and price tag at $45.  If you like Zin this is definitely an interesting wine if the price point is within reach.



Filed under Sonoma, Wine, Wine tasting, Zinfandel

4 responses to “Woodenhead Zin

  1. Oy, pricey, but you know my wife and I were talking yesterday about how pretty much anything really good is pricey these days. Plus, zins from that area rarely disappoint.

  2. Sounds great. Have liked your suggestions so far. Found some bottles of Wind Gap and they are really nice. Keep up the wine tasting.

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