Island Fourth

Happy Fourth everyone!  Yesterday we made the long trip up the island to the clam fields.  Most of the crew was in the back of the truck as I threaded the “road” through the forest avoiding the packs of wild pigs before spilling out over the mud flats.  And when I say mud I mean lose your shoes up to your knees mud.  What a haul and what a mess.  I’ve never dealt with clams in this state before.  After rinsing the mud off I soaked them repeatedly in salted water several times and then set them in the water in the fridge overnight.  I just quickly steamed them and served them with garlic butter.

As if that wasn’t enough the kids were successful with their fishing and crabbing!

The fish were quite small and took a bit of work to gut and scale but with some salt, pepper, corn meal and olive oil they came out quite well!

For the crab I made up a flavorful boil using some local shrimp shells and something as close to Old Bay as I could come with the contents of the spice cabinet plus some fresh thyme.  The crabs were cooked for five – ten minutes (I was juggling) and then I boiled the shrimp in the same liquid.

The table which featured more than a few young ones attacked the food (also had some pasta) and amazingly not much was left and what is left will make a great chowder!



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10 responses to “Island Fourth

  1. You need to start traveling with some emergency Old Bay! Ha, this all looks wonderful totally worth getting dirty for.

    • Indeed. I would have been fine if there was paprika since there were so many other things. I ended up using mostly Penzy’s Old World Seasoning which they say is for poultry and now crab boils ;).

  2. Looks great. Nothing better than a nice steamed clam in some garlic butter. Fish and crabs look equally as delicious. Great photos too.

  3. This sounds like a great catch for the fourth! Love, love steamed clams.

  4. I’m feeling lots of jealousy right now!

  5. Love the picture of Emily!

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  7. Nice pics of the clams! Looks very fun.

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