Living Riche


For the second year in the row I find myself on the East coast for a family vacation.  This year brings us to Cumberland Island just off the coast of Georgia.  As a cook it is a bit of a challenge in that the island has nothing in the way of stores on it so provisions for a week of cooking had to be procured as quickly as possible on the way out.

This holds true for beverages as well so I turned to Chandon Extra-Dry Riche for our first evening as bubbles are how we like to start vacations.  On the nose a nice mix of lime, coconut, and unmistakable honey.  On the palate this turns into a mixture of apricots with peach and again the honey.  Not the most intriguing sparkling wine I’ve ever had but a nice way to start a vacation.



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4 responses to “Living Riche

  1. Sounds perfect – enjoy your vacation!

  2. One of my wife’s favorites. Normally, we don’t finish our tastes, we hit too many wineries, it’ll kill your palate… She made sure that that was one of the few we hit that day, so she wouldn’t have to dump a thing. Have a great vacation.

  3. You need to bring some Roederer next time. Enjoy the vacation!

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