California Albarino

So I was talking to my parents this evening.  Apparently they had somebody to the house and they asked something to the effect of “Does he really taste (smell?) those things?”  Despite my natural cynicism I will treat this as a real question ;).  When I smell and taste wine I smell and taste things that remind me of other smells and tastes.  I find that trying to put a name to those things is an interesting intellectual endeavor and one that actually increases the enjoyment of that wine.  Complex wines will make you think of many different things simple wines, not so much.  Thinking of what the wines tastes like makes you examine the taste more critically.  Taking notes is extremely nerdy but will actually make you a more active taster over time.  I told my parents to get a wine and then look for a review on the web.  There will be tasting notes.  Open your wine and let it breathe for at least 1/2 hour and then see if you smell and taste the same thing.  You may agree on some of the notes and disagree on others.  Your journey has begun!

Which brings us to tonights wine.  Abrente 2010 Napa Valley Albarino $25.  This is a combo effort of Morgan Twain-Petersen (Bedrock Vineyard!) and Michael Havens (yeah THAT Havens).  I am a big fan of Bedrock Syrah but more about that another time.  California Albarino, interesting!  I’m on the bedrock mailing list so I got an email about this and since I like the winemaker and I like the grape I had to try.

After giving it some time I started to smell what I can only call bubble gum (I kid you not) and cantaloupe with a hint of lemon zest on the nose.  In other words, very interesting.  On the palate there was a touch of effervescence but a lot of lemon, yellow peach, what feels like peach skin on my tongue and a mineral dry finish.  A very interesting wine for me.  At the price point it seems a bit expensive but I will say it is worth trying if you like Albarino.



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3 responses to “California Albarino

  1. I am extremely nerdy on wine tasting trips. I keep a leather-bound notepad in my pocket. We have a wine journal at home, but it’s more of a tracker. Buy again gets a check. Never on my life an X and depending on price a minus sign. Some of those babies have more than one X, which isn’t the system, but you can never be too safe. I’m glad you’re featuring another albarino. I bet it smells great!

  2. I found your blog thru Rufus’ Food and Spirits blog post. This post reminds me of a wine tasting class I took about 6 years ago in college. I learned so much from that class from serving temperatures, grape varieties, brixing, to the tasting process – see (color), swirl, smell, sip (taste), and savoring the flavor. It was a fun class, pairing wine with food, we tried about six to eight varieties of wine during class from different regions of the world, I should take that class again!

  3. Thank you for the comment, so glad you found the blog and enjoyed it! The big thing for me was starting to write down my tasting notes (or blog them). That’s when I slowed down and started thinking a bit more critically. Of course, at the end of the day, drinking wine is fun :).

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