Tonight’s pairing was a Muscadet.  This is a white from the Loire region of France made from a grape called Melon de Bourgogne interestingly enough.  The price points are usually very attractive.  I haven’t had Muscadet before and it was on the hit list.  The Loire is known for Sancerre and this wine had a lot in share with a Sancerre (made with Sauvignon Blanc) even though it was a different grape.  This was a Muscadet Sevre et Maine sure lie 2009 $13.  Sur lie means it is left on yeast lies in the barrel.  The nose was interesting with mainly apple and lemon zest but also melon and a hint of minerals.  In the mouth it was quite tart and bright with a lot of lemon and mineral.  Not terribly complex or long though.  The normal pairing here is seafood or specifically oysters.  It actually did quite well with the Vietnamese chicken and even the dessert cutting through the richness.  I would definitely recommend the wine for the price if you are looking for something incredibly bright and light.



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5 responses to “Muscadet

  1. Sounds like a great wine for a spicy meal.

  2. Hi there
    Great blog, I’ve lived here in the Pays de Loire for the last 10 years, after a lifetime in London, and, although I drink Muscadet regularly, I’d never realised that the cepage was Melon de Bourgogne. I’ve just googled it, and apparently it’s only used for Muscadet sur Lie.
    Cheers, and thanks for a good blog

  3. Thanks for the comment though I have to admit I feel intimidated to have a reader in Pays de Loire! I have loved the Loire wines for a long time now. Do you have and favorites you could share? Yeah, I don’t think anybody calls the grape Melon de Bourgone anymore. Mostly wanted to point out that it is a different grape.

  4. I’ve had this wine. Your take on it seems fairly accurate. While Roger is pro-Loire, I like Bourgogne; that’s where I live 🙂

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