Friday night pizza and movies

For longer than I can remember now Friday night is pizza and movie night.  The pizza, as if you couldn’t guess, is homemade as is the sauce.  After years of experimentation I settled on a recipe from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice
which calls for being made the day before and then cold fermenting until a few hours before showtime.

Adapted from Bread Baker’s Apprentice

20.25 ozs (4.5 cups) bread flour (I substitute 4 ozs whole wheat)

0.44 ozs (1.75 tsp) salt

0.11 ozs (1 tsp) yeast

2 ozs (1/4 c) olive oil

14 ozs (1.75 c) ice water

If you haven’t done it yet I definitely recommend a digital scale for baking.  It really is just the way to go.  Combine all the ingredients in a standing mixer and mix for seven minutes.  I start with a paddle and then substitute the hook in after it mixes together.  I then mix part of the time slow and part fast looking for decent gluten.  This is a wet dough though and is hard to work with when it’s warm.  I divide it into height portions and form into balls then cover on an oiled tray in the fridge for close to 24 hours.

Pull the dough from the fridge about two hours before baking and preheat you oven to as high as it will go.  You do have a pizza stone or two right?!  My most recent change is to coat with some “Dadda sauce” and slide it into the oven.  When the crust begins to brown top with some cheese and finish the baking.

Pair with a nice wine of quality the befits the work week ;). I would definitely recommend something a bit on the fruity side. More on different toppings in a future post.



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5 responses to “Friday night pizza and movies

  1. I love that you have a family Friday routine – something for the whole family to look forward to. Looking forward to your other topping ideas.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. No replacement for homemade sauce and crusts!

  3. Emily

    Representing the “family,” I can say how much we all look forward to Friday night Dadda Pizza and movie. The pizza’s are always amazing and it’s such a great way to celebrate the end of the week!

  4. Delicious, love the dough recipe and will try next time I make pizza. I make a big pot of sauce and freeze it in portions and take out of freezer as I need it, a big batch lasts about six weeks, I use it for everything, it is all veggies, Mom’s Recipe….RaeDi

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