A white wine you don’t hear that much about is Albarino which is a shame because it is a great wine, especially with food.  It comes from Spain and is typically a bit lower in alcohol and quite dry.  This is another one I got from my local wine club 2009 Pazo Senorans Albarino.  I keep waiting for those complimentary bottles to start rolling in ;).

The smell is delightfully  complex reminding me of dried apricot, papaya, minerals, and something else that I will have to call coconut.  On the palate its feel reminds me of a viogner bringing lemon, some Sauvignon Blanc like grass and minerals and a finish that reminds me of smarties.  Really quite a bang for the buck and a great match for my market dinner.  I think I will need to get more for summer!



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3 responses to “Albarino

  1. We love albarinos, but never see them here. OK, the one label with the guitar or instrument on the front, but that’s it. I also wish we saw more Italian whites varnaccias (sp?) in particular. Great post.

  2. Rachel

    We love Albarinos too! Hotel Biron (the wine bar) usually has 1-2 on their list at all times… its a great go-to for something sassy and they are usually very reasonably priced.

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