Life is a cabernet

Judging by the incredible reaction I got to my last wine post on Sauvignon Blanc (well one can dream can’t one) I turn to red.  Well, to be honest, the meal made me think red.  I had some fairly aggressively seasoned meatballs and bitter greens to match.  A quick look in the cellar brought forth a mid-priced cabernet from south of the border.  Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Cavernet Sauvignon 2008 Alpalta Vineyard.  Ideally I would have had an Italian red but the cupboard was a bit bare.  Still waiting for all those samples to start rolling in ;).

I was pleased to find a pleasing nose of currants, blackberries, and casis with a hint of vanilla in the background.  In the mouth the wine is full of dark fruit with some cocoa with some soft tannins and white I consider to be oregano for a pretty nice finish.  Pretty darn good for the price point and a great match for the meal!



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2 responses to “Life is a cabernet

  1. Love that you’re so close to a region known for its cabs (Rutherford Bench comes to mind) and you went south of the border.:) Of course the price point for those…

    • Well, just as I think people shouldn’t only drink red wine I think people shouldn’t only drink California wine though I confess my California consumption is probably a bit high ;).

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