Garden update

At the risk of inflaming those who do not live in California here is one of “my girls” as I like to refer to my Early Girl tomatoes.  I have six in all and they turn into sauce later in the year.  I planted them around tax day and they are going like gangbusters!

Tonight’s dinner was my take on the Ad Hoc Sauteed Chicken with Tarragon.  I mostly followed the recipe though I did spike the powder that you rub on the chicken with a little Espelette powder.  The powder also had paprika and curry.  After soaking this up for a while the recipe calls for pounding the breasts to make them uniform a trick I do a bit though not usually to the 1/4 called for here though given the results I might start trying.  It was a good first try of this recipe though I really didn’t give it enough tarragon so that got a little lost.  The curry comes across as a subtle richness that I highly recommend.  Give it a try next time you are looking for something to spice up your chicken.

Oh, the Sauvignon Blanc was a good match!



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2 responses to “Garden update

  1. My tomatoes are as far along. But in about three months, when mine are being killed by the heat or critters, I will be jealous! That chicken looks great. My wife and I never used tarragon much before this year. But she used it in a recipe for my birthday in January and we’ve been hooked since.

    • Tarragon and chicken is such a great pairing. It is always a bit scary when it dies back completely in the garden but early in the spring is always (so far) returns. Right where we live we don’t get too much heat. If anything we worry a bit about it not being warm enough which is why I plant Stupice which can deliver even in the cool.

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