Roller coaster…

One of the blog readers has requested more “how to” in the blog.  I’ve been trying to keep the entries short and sweet but since I don’t get much (ANY!) feedback on the blog I figured I would heed the request.  Tuesday is often the night, at least at our house, where the weekend reserves have been depleted and a new dinner must be made .  At the risk of alienating some of my readers (vegans and foodies alike) I will describe this evening’s dinner.

Prather Ranch (SF Ferry Building, please try if you’ve not!) beef burgers were the main attraction.  It is true that my wife will not eat beef so we also had some turkey burgers but we won’t dwell on that.  The beef was simply mixed with salt and pepper the night before, ala Judy Rogers and the Zuni cookbook, and then shaped into patties (approx 4 oz each) when I got home from work today.  Don’t pack too tight!!  I grilled them over a pretty hot grill for about four minutes a side and they were pretty awesome even without some hoity-toity garnishes which sometimes make an appearance around these parts.

The wine was Unti’s 2008 Zinfandel which is one of the better California Zins I’ve had recently.  I confess that I’ve had far too many that just don’t bring much to the glass.  This brought a pretty complex nose of strawberries, cherries, cedar and crushed rocks to the nose and an enjoyable dark fruit forward taste that had length one doesn’t usually find in Zin.  I highly recommend it.   I brought this out to toast my father who had surgery earlier today.  All is well though it has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster of a day.

Lest my <sarcasm> fans </sarcasm> be dismayed I also finished some vanilla pot de cremes this evening.  Seriously though, I’ve done testing.  Leaving comments does not actually hurt or leave lasting marks of any kind lurkers!  Anyway, they will be chilled for consumption for tomorrow but I snuck a taste and have a suspicion that they will be pretty awesome!

And from the garden the Italian kale is looking healthy (as are the tomatoes).  There is something soothing about taking a few moments out of a work day to tend the garden.  I highly recommend it.  Hope you have a good evening!


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  1. Dry Creek zins really are phenomenal!

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