Inspired by…

Tonight I took the Bouchon chicken in a new direction.  I made a sunchoke puree (inspired by a soup in Under Pressure), topped it with sauteed kale, the chicken and then a few (maybe too many) tsoi-sim flowers from the farmer’s market.  It was the combo I hoped it would be.  My wife even licked the plate!

Paired it with a Trousseau Gris from Wind Gap, one of my favorite small wineries.  It has a nice nose of lemon zest and a very nice body on the palate with lots of acid and minerals.  My kind of wine.



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2 responses to “Inspired by…

  1. Emily

    It was amazing!!!! Perfectly balanced and despite its fancy plating, it felt like comfort food.

  2. Kirk Paulsen

    Looks absolutely wonderful!

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