Bringing it all home…

It was a busy Saturday where I used a variety of skills I had learned during my trip.  I made my first official attempt at Bouchon Baguettes.  I didn’t actually mix the dough while I was at the bakery by I handled quite a bit so I kind of knew what I was looking for.  Above is what the dough looked like heading into a rest after dividing it.

I made two regular baguettes and two epis.  The first two baguettes vanished quickly as the kids kept running back for more.  I think I need to let it rise a bit more next time but the results were pretty good for the first attempt.

Here is the caramel and passion fruit parfait I mentioned in my previous post.  When I tried this at the bakery I pretty much begged for the recipe because it was so good.  I had all kinds of trouble keeping the sides of the glasses clean but in the end the taste is pretty darn incredible.  Turns out it goes really, really well with scotch too.  Can’t wait to make it again!

Last but not least I spent time working in the garden and planting my fancy new seeds.  The front tray has a variety of different things and the back tray is partially planted with micro greens.  I haven’t really had a ton of success starting things from seed before so I am excited.  I also planted some carrots directly into the raised beds.  Now I just need to sit back and cross my fingers.


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