So much to learn…

Here are a few books next to the bed.  I think I may be a sucker for anything that even mentions Thomas Keller in it because I am loving all of them.  Ma Gastonomie is particularly interesting to me.  It was a pivotal book in Chef’s Keller’s life and you can see the roots of The French Laundry in some of the descriptions of the famous Fernand Point an his iconic restaurant La Pyramide.  Under Pressure is just fascinating and Life on the Line is the story of the head chef of Alinea and is exciting if you are a food nerd.

I took my first crack at a parfait recipe I got on my trip.  Really two puddings that get layered on top of each other but I have to say it kinda kicked my butt.  I thought it was going to be easy and learned some good lessons.  Making the puddings was fine since my whisking skills are now beyond reproach ;).  But I didn’t know/think that I needed to give the bottom pudding time to set before making the second.  More importantly, though, I learned how hard it is to move the pudding into serving dishes while keeping them clean and making the layers look good.  They make it look easy in the bakery but I assure you it far from easy to get a polished look.  Makes you appreciate the drive for perfection that Chef Keller insists on all the more.

This weekend is pudding, my first attempt at Bouchon Baguettes, seed planting and garden maintenance, and Bouchon chicken.  Hope to have some notes on all that throughout the weekend.  Oh, I have now had more than 300 hits on the blog.  This is a healthy bit over the number of times I have looked at it too proofread 😉 so wow.  Not sure yet who all is reading since not many people are leaving comments (hint, hint) but welcome all the same.

Here are some of the seeds getting ready for a start today.  Stay tuned!


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