Adventures in baking

Ever since my time in the bakery I have been excited to try my hand at bread again.  I didn’t come away from the experience with any bread recipes (working on that 🙂 ) but I did learn a lot about handling and shaping the dough.  I’ve been gathering some equipment and finally had enough to make an attempt at baguettes.

One piece of equipment was a couche.  I’ve historically had problems with dough sticking where it shouldn’t so I was pretty excited about it.  The good news was there was no sticking and I was able to easily transfer the baguettes to the peels with a flip board.  The bad news was the outside dried off a bit more than I wanted so I will have to find a way to shelter the loaves better during proofing.

The most important piece of hardware was a super soaker canon!  I put all of the cast iron I had in the house (two large skillets and a griddle) into the bottom of the oven and sprayed it ASAP after inserting the loaves.  The effects are stunning

though it is depressing to see how quickly it all vents out of the home oven!  I got more oven spring than I usually do though I am still not getting the same volume out of my bread as they do in the bakery.  Quite a few factors to work on but the results were still quite tasty including my first homemade epi loaf.

Also, added graham crackers to the pudding this go around.  The cinnamon sugar on the top was a very nice addition (thank you Chef J!).


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