So what did you learn…

A few questions seem to be coming up as I talk to people about my adventure so I thought I’d share some answers.

What did you learn…

A lot of people are asking me this.  A lot of the questioners seem curious about recipes that I might have picked up.  I did pick up a few recipes here and there but in a way the more important things that I learned are a bit hard to quantify.  I learned how to work in a professional kitchen which, if you haven’t seen one, is hard to explain.  I learned about the amazing teamwork that happens in those kitchens and the attention to detail that is paid to everything.  I practiced a few things with my hands which I think is the best way to learn and quite honestly I was just inspired to become a better cook.

Is it like Ratatouille…

It turns out it is!  I’ve been told the wizards at Pixar went to The French Laundry and yes the kitchen in the movie definitely echoes what you see there.  The movie’s kitchen, however, is spread out in a way a commercial kitchen would never be though.  They did, however, capture a decent amount of the energy that one encounters.  Cool!  Great movie too :).

Soap box…

Perhaps the biggest thing I learned is that if you have a passion you really should take the time to explore it.  No matter what it is going somewhere where you can work with masters of whatever it is turns out to just be an amazing life experience that will affect more than just that one part of your life.  Go forth!!


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